Keratoconus / Post-Surgical

Education by Lens Type


Specialty Contact Lens Grand Rounds: The Decision-Making Process: Drs. Tiffany Andrzejewski and John Gelles (August 2022)
Contact Lens Management of Keratoconus: Dr. Stephanie Woo (July 2021)
Management of the Scleral Lens Ocular Surface Disease Patient Beyond the Fit: Dr. Karen Carrasquillo (May 2021)
Management of the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Karen DeLoss (October 2019)
Post-Surgical Contact Lens Update: Drs. Clark Chang and Jeffrey Sonsino (August 2019)
Contact Lens Fitting in Keratoconus Post Surgery: Dr. John Gelles (June 2018)
Anterior to Posterior Corneal Considerations after Keratoplasty: Impact on Contact Lens Fitting: Dr. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn (March 2016)
Contact Lens Fitting After Corneal Crosslinking and Intacs: Dr. Clark Chang (September 2015)
Fitting Strategies for Keratoconus: New Options: Dr. Michael Lipson (October 2014)
Contact Lens Management of the Irregular Cornea: Case Grand Rounds: Mr. Michael Ward (June 2014)
GP Management of Corneal Pathology Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Marlane Brown (December 2013)
Clinical Decision-Making for Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia: Dr. Barry Eiden (October 2013)
Corneal Transplantation — From Surgery to Contact Lens Fitting: Dr. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn (September 2013)
Contact Lens Management of the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Scott Edmonds (March 2012)

Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide

Helpful for fitting or evaluating patients; view as a smart phone-ready PDF or order a printed copy.

GP Video Lecture Series

Provided by Michigan College of Optometry.

Vertex and Diopters-to-Base-Curve Conversion Charts

A web-page version of the useful charts that appear in the Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide.

Grand Rounds Troubleshooting Guide

Assists in troubleshooting spherical, multifocal, high astigmatism, KC, irregular cornea, post-surgical and corneal reshaping fits.

GP Lens Management Guide

Provides management options for common GP-related problems or conditions for spherical, highly astigmatic, presbyopic and keratoconic patients.


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