Staff Training Materials

Setting Up Your Staff For Success

A specialty contact lens practice is only as successful as a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. This module provides videos to assist in performing important tasks such as contact lens verification as well as patient education. A comprehensive “white paper” – which provides important information pertaining to caring for soft lenses, rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses, scleral lenses, and hybrid lenses – is intended to be a very good starting point in both understanding the available care regimens as well the information that would be invaluable in educating your contact lens-wearing patients.

Staff-Friendly Webinars

 Special COVID-19 Webinar: Today’s Contact Lens Challenges Bring Tomorrow’s Practice Advantages: Dr. Ed Bennett, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino, and Dr. Susan Resnick (April 2020)
 GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2020)
• Myopia Control: Dr. Jeff Walline (January 2019)
• Specialty Contact Lens Coding and Billing Update: Dr. Clarke Newman (September 2018)
   Also please see the Coding and Billing Resources page.
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (February 2018)
• Corneal and Scleral GP Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA (April 2016)
• Corneal Reshaping: What the Latest Research Means for Your Patients and YOU: Michael Lipson, OD (June 2016)
• Custom Soft Lens Update: Roxanna Potter, OD (November 2016)
• Specialty Contact Lens Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2015)
• Scleral Lens Fitting for Healthy Eyes: Astigmatic and Presbyopic Applications: Dr. Melissa Barnett and Dr. Stephanie Woo (March 2015)
• GP and Custom Soft Multifocal Lens Update 2015: Dr. Doug Benoit (April 2015)
• 1-2-3 GP: GP Lenses for Corneal Reshaping, Scleral Lenses and Multifocals: How to Incorporate GPs to Build Your Practice: Dr. Michael Lipson (May 2015)
• How to Effectively Promote and Market Your Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Roxanna Potter (June 2015)
• Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Susan Resnick (August 2015)
• Myopia Control 2015: Jeffrey J. Walline, OD PhD (October 2015)
• Contemporary Scleral Lens Applications in: 1) Ocular Surface Disease and 2) Lens Care: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (December 2015)
• Custom Soft Lens Applications for the High Astigmat: Dr. Stephanie Woo (February 2014)
• Scleral GP Contact Lens Insertion, Removal and Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (March 2014)
• Basic Clinical Considerations for Scleral Lens Fitting: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Dave Kading (July 2014)
• Incorporating Scleral Lenses into Your Practice: Dr. Derek Louie (February 2013)
• GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care: Michael Ward (May 2013)
Specialty Contact Lens Practice Management: Dr. Roxanna Potter (May 2013)
• Talking to Patients (and Parents) About Orthokeratology: Dr. Michael Lipson (June 2013)
• Hybrid and Custom Soft Lens Applications: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (July 2013)
• Corneal Reshaping Update: Craig Norman, FCLSA (November 2013)
• Optimizing Initial Comfort of GP Lenses: Dr. Ed Bennett (January 2012)
• Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Christine Sindt (February 2012)