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2022 Webinars

2021 Webinars

GP Corneal and Scleral Multifocal Fitting: Dr. Susan Gromacki (January 2021)
Hybrid Applications for Normal and Irregular Corneas: Dr. Tiffany Andrzejewski (February 2021)
OrthoK: Initial Fitting Challenges and Problem-Solving: Dr. Michael Lipson (March 2021)
Scleral Lens Practice Management: Dr. Edward Boshnick (April 2021)
Management of the Scleral Lens Ocular Surface Disease Patient Beyond the Fit: Dr. Karen Carrasquillo (May 2021)
Pediatric Specialty Contact Lens Applications: Dr. Heidi Miller (June 2021)
Contact Lens Management of Keratoconus: Dr. Stephanie Woo (July 2021)
Myopia Management Update: Dr. Jeffrey Walline (August 2021)
Custom Soft Lens Update for Healthy and Irregular Cornea Patients: Dr. Renee Reeder (September 2021)
Software Applications for Specialty Lens Designs: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (October 2021)
Beyond the Basics: Advanced Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (November 2021)
GP Material Update: Dr. Maria K. Walker (December 2021)

2020 Webinars

 Troubleshooting Hybrid Lens Fitting: Dr. Melanie Frogozo and Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino (January 2020)
 GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2020)
 Scleral Lens-Induced Complications and Their Management: Dr. Dan Fuller (March 2020)
 Special COVID-19 Webinar: Today’s Contact Lens Challenges Bring Tomorrow’s Practice Advantages: Dr. Ed Bennett, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino, and Dr. Susan Resnick (April 2020)
 How to Build a Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Stephanie Woo and Dr. Elise Kramer (April 2020)
 Specialty GP Lens Fitting: Tools and Techniques: Dr. Thomas Quinn (April 2020)
 Managing Ocular Complications from Custom Contact Lens Wear: Dr. Roxanna Potter (May 2020)
 A Primer on Scleral Lens Applications and Fitting: Dr. Lynette Johns (June 2020)
 Incorporating Ocular Prosthetics into Clinical Practice: Dr. Jamie Kuhn (July 2020)
 GP Multifocal Fitting and Troubleshooting: Dr. Brooke Messer (August 2020)
 Specialty Contact Lens Coding and Billing Update: Dr. Clarke Newman (September 2020)
 Reimbursement Paradigms in Myopia Management: Dr. Clarke Newman (September 2020)
 Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Matt Lampa (October 2020)
 Optimizing Success with Custom Scleral Lenses: Dr. Tom Arnold (November 2020)
 Orthokeratology Update: Dr. Bruce Morgan (December 2020)

2019 Webinars

• Myopia Control: Dr. Jeff Walline (January 2019)
• Technology Applications in Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. John Gelles (February 2019)
• GP Multifocal Fitting and Applications: Dr. Thomas Quinn (March 2019)
• Scleral Lenses and Technology Advancements: Dr. Maria Walker and Dr. Karen Lee (April 2019)
• Mastering, Managing, and Marketing Your GP Lens Practice: Dr. Susan Resnick and Dr. Priya Patel (May 2019)
• Important But Under-Utilized GP Applications: Dr. Roxanna Potter (June 2019)
• Overnight Orthokeratology Today: Dr. Melanie Frogozo (July 2019)
• Post-Surgical Contact Lens Update: Dr. Clark Chang and Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino (August 2019)
• Wavefront-Guided Contact Lenses: Dr. Matt Kauffman and Dr. Jason Marsack (September 2019)
• Management of the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Karen DeLoss (October 2019)
• GP Material Interactions: Dr. Robert Grohe (November 2019)
• Custom Soft Lens Design and Fitting: Mark Andre, FCLSA, FAAO (December 2019)

2018 Webinars

• GP Multifocal Patient Selection, Fitting, and Problem-Solving: Dr. Brooke Messer (January 2018)
• GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (February 2018)
• GP Toric Lens Design and Fitting: Dr. Tom Quinn (March 2018)
• Amniotic Membrane Fitting and Follow-Up Care: Dr. Stephanie Woo (April 2018)
• Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Beth Kinoshita and Dr. Matt Lampa (May 2018)
• Contact Lens Fitting in Keratoconus Post Surgery: Dr. John Gelles (June 2018)
• Incorporating Myopia Control into Clinical Practice: Dr. Maria Walker (July 2018)
• The Added Value of Hybrids to You and Your Patients: Dr. Jeff Sonsino (August 2018)
• Specialty Contact Lens Coding and Billing Update: Dr. Clarke Newman (September 2018)
• Scleral Lens Troubleshooting: Dr. Tom Arnold (October 2018)
• Overnight Orthokeratology Lens Design, Fitting, and Problem-Solving: Dr. Bruce Williams (November 2018)
• Scleral Lens Grand Rounds: Dr. Robert Ensley (December 2018)

2017 Webinars

• Scleral Lens Fitting to Optimize Corneal Physiology: Dr. Langis Michaud and Dr. John Gelles (January 2017)
• Incorporating Technology into Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Barry Eiden (February 2017)
• The Lost Art of Corneal GP Fitting: Buddy Russell, FCLSA (March 2017)
• Specialty GP Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Matt Kauffman (April 2017)
• GP Correction of Presbyopia: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (May 2017)
• Corneal and Scleral Contact Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (June 2017)
• Amniotic Membrane and Specialty Soft Lens Update: Dr. Stephanie Woo (July 2017)
• How to Optimize Contact Lens Comfort: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. David Kading (August 2017)
• Clinical Controversies with Scleral Lenses and Their Management: Pat Caroline, COT, FCLSA (September 2017)
• Myopia Control Update: Dr. Jeff Walline (October 2017)
• Scleral Lens Update: Dr. Muriel Schornack (November 2017)
• Getting Started with Orthokeratology in Your Practice: Dr. Melanie Frogozo (December 2017)

2016 Webinars

• Emerging Technologies to Improve Your Success with Hybrids and Sclerals: Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino (January 2016)
• Scleral Lenses: The Oasis for Dry Eye: Dr. Melissa Barnett (February 2016)
• Anterior to Posterior Corneal Considerations after Keratoplasty: Impact on Contact Lens Fitting: Dr. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn (March 2016)
• Corneal and Scleral GP Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA (April 2016)
• The Game Plan for Managing Patients with Ocular Discomfort: Art Epstein, OD (May 2016)
• Corneal Reshaping: What the Latest Research Means for Your Patients and YOU: Michael Lipson, OD (June 2016)
• How to Be Successful with GP Multifocal Lenses: Brooke Messer, OD (July 2016)
• New Technology Applications in Contact Lens Practice: Rob Davis, OD (September 2016)
• Specialty Contact Lens Case Grand Rounds: Stephanie Woo, OD (October 2016)
• Custom Soft Lens Update: Roxanna Potter, OD (November 2016)
• Scleral Lenses: Update on Research, Fitting and Design: Greg DeNaeyer, OD (December 2016)

2015 Webinars

• Ocular Wellness and GP Lenses: Dr. Jack Schaeffer (January 2015)
• Specialty Contact Lens Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2015)
• Scleral Lens Fitting for Healthy Eyes: Astigmatic and Presbyopic Applications: Dr. Melissa Barnett and Dr. Stephanie Woo (March 2015)
• GP and Custom Soft Multifocal Lens Update 2015: Dr. Doug Benoit (April 2015)
• 1-2-3 GP: GP Lenses for Corneal Reshaping, Scleral Lenses and Multifocals: How to Incorporate GPs to Build Your Practice: Dr. Michael Lipson (May 2015)
• How to Effectively Promote and Market Your Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Roxanna Potter (June 2015)
• Ocular Surface Considerations for Custom Contact Lens Care: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Dave Kading (July 2015)
• Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Susan Resnick (August 2015)
• Contact Lens Fitting After Corneal Crosslinking and Intacs: Dr. Clark Chang (September 2015)
• Myopia Control 2015: Jeffrey J. Walline, OD PhD (October 2015)
• Specialty GP Applications: Fine-Tuning Scleral Lens Fits and Building Your Cornea-Reshaping Lens Practice: Jason Jedlicka, OD (November 2015)
• Contemporary Scleral Lens Applications in: 1) Ocular Surface Disease and 2) Lens Care: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (December 2015)

2014 Webinars

• Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting for Ocular Surface Disease: Dr. Melissa Barnett (January 2014)
• Custom Soft Lens Applications for the High Astigmat: Dr. Stephanie Woo (February 2014)
• Scleral GP Contact Lens Insertion, Removal and Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (March 2014)
• GP Multifocals for the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Doug Benoit (April 2014)
• GP Multifocal Fitting and Troubleshooting: Dr. Brooke Messer (May 2014)
• Contact Lens Management of the Irregular Cornea: Case Grand Rounds: Michael Ward, FCLSA (June 2014)
• Basic Clinical Considerations for Scleral Lens Fitting: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Dave Kading (July 2014)
• Management of Common Scleral Lens Problems: Dr. Stephen Byrnes (August 2014)
• Fitting Strategies for Keratoconus: New Options: Dr. Michael Lipson (October 2014)
• GP and Hybrid Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Bruce Anderson (November 2014)
• Bitoric GP Lens Design and Fitting: Dr. Ed Bennett (December 2014)

2013 Webinars

• GP Multifocal Lens Design, Fitting & Troubleshooting: Dr. Ed Bennett (January 2013)
• Incorporating Scleral Lenses into Your Practice: Dr. Derek Louie (February 2013)
• GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care: Michael Ward (May 2013)
• Specialty Contact Lens Practice Management: Dr. Roxanna Potter (May 2013)
• Talking to Patients (and Parents) About Orthokeratology: Dr. Michael Lipson (June 2013)
• Hybrid and Custom Soft Lens Applications: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (July 2013)
• Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (August 2013)
• Corneal Transplantation — From Surgery to Contact Lens Fitting: Dr. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn (September 2013)
• Clinical Decision-Making for Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia: Dr. Barry Eiden (October 2013)
• Corneal Reshaping Update: Craig Norman, FCLSA (November 2013)
• GP Management of Corneal Pathology Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Marlane Brown (December 2013)

2012 Webinars

• Optimizing Initial Comfort of GP Lenses: Dr. Ed Bennett (January 2012)
• Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Christine Sindt (February 2012)
• CL Management of the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Scott Edmonds (March 2012)
• Aspheric Multifocals & GP Lens Management of Presbyopia: Dr. Doug Benoit (May 2012)
• Problem Solving in Overnight Corneal Reshaping: Dr. Michael Lipson (June 2012)
• Hybrid, Pillow Translating GP Lenses: Dr. Robert Davis (November 2012)
• GPLI Practice Management: An MBA Perspective: Dr. Raymond Brill (December 2012)

2011 Webinars

• Management of the Irregular Cornea Patient: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (May 2011)
• Correcting Astigmatism with RGPs: Dr. Clarke Newman (November 2011)
• GP Challenges: Grand Rounds: Dr. S. Barry Eiden (December 2011)