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Literature for Practitioners, Staff, Patients, and Consumers

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    Note: The Mandell-Moore Bitoric Lens Guide is no longer available as a pad. Click here for a blank guide, which you may print. Also, we don't have pre-printed copies of the Spanish-language patient brochures, but you may download and print them from the links below.

    Literature For Practitioners and Staff

    How Many?
    Download The GP Lens Management Guide
    Fitting and troubleshooting bifocals, aspheric multifocals, torics, bi-torics, keratoconus and other special designs. Includes illustrated problem-solving tips. The printed guide is no longer available. To view, print, or copy the guide please click here.
    Fluorescein Pattern Identification Card
    A handy laminated card that's a quick and easy reference for use in your office. Includes 14 helpful fluorescein patterns, 5 fitting pearls and a quick guide to design changes. Fits in a jacket pocket.
    Correcting Presbyopia Tips Card
    This pocket-size card offers practical tips for presenting and fitting the presbyopic patient with GP lenses. Also included are eight common troubleshooting suggestions.
    Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide
    This pocket-sized guide offers concise clinical pearls pertaining to spherical GP, soft toric, GP back surface and bitoric, soft and GP multifocal, orthokeratology, keratoconus, and scleral lens designs. Diopter-to-radius conversion, and vertex conversion charts are also provided.
    In-Office Disinfection of Multi-Patient Use Diagnostic Contact Lenses
    For GP, hybrid and soft lenses. If you prefer to download the file and print it yourself, please click here.

    Literature for Patients and Consumers

    How Many?
    See With Your Contacts Even When You're Not Wearing Them - Patient Brochure
    This brochure explains corneal reshaping and answers frequently asked questions about CR and children.
    [Download a printable version]
    [Download a printable version in Spanish - available as a download only]
    Look As Young As You Feel - Patient Brochure
    This brochure compares the options available for vision after age 40 and presents the advantages of GP multifocal contact lenses.
    [Download a printable version]
    [Download a printable version in Spanish - available as a download only]
    Scleral Lenses Are Big News - Patient Brochure
    This brochure explains what scleral lenses are and what these larger lenses can do for people with challenging vision and eye health issues.
    [Download a printable version]
    [Download a printable version in Spanish - available as a download only]
    Caring For Your GP Lenses - Patient Brochure
    This brochure includes tips on proper hygiene, lens insertion and removal, and caring for GPs.
    [Download a printable version]
    [Download a printable version in Spanish - available as a download only]
    Myopia Management - Patient Brochure
    This brochure describes how the progression of myopia can be slowed with orthokeratology, soft multifocal contact lenses or atropine. (This brochure contains references, which may be accessed here.)
    Reading Verification Card
    This laminated card features verification of various degrees of visual acuity—including on the back side, examples of newspaper print, musical staffs, and other examples. Let your patients verify their excellent visual acuity with their custom manufactured contact lenses.
    Scleral Lens Care Tips, Application and Removal Card
    One side of this laminated card describes two ways of applying and removing scleral lenses. On the flip side are important tips on scleral lens care.
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