Education By Lens Type

Bitoric / High Astigmatism

Includes lens calculators, the Mandell-Moore and Newman guides, FAQs on when and how to fits torics, and more.

Corneal Reshaping

A wealth of webinars on overnight ortho-k and myopia control!

Keratoconus / Post Surgical

Post-surgical FAQs and nine webinars dealing with irregular cornea.

Presbyopia / Multifocals

Includes the “Building Your Practice with GP Multifocals” guide, FAQ, grand rounds and 10+ archived webinars.

Scleral Lenses

20+ webinars, troubleshooting FAQ, help with insurance claims and sample patient education.

Soft Specialty Lenses

10 webinars on soft and hybrid specialty lenses.

Spherical GP Lenses

Includes the popular Click ‘n’ Fit interactive educational module, webinars, FAQ, troubleshooting, and more.