Scleral Lenses

Education by Lens Type


Advancements in Scleral Lenses: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (February 2023)
Scleral Lens Research and Clinical Implications: Dr. Gloria Chiu (September 2022)
Scleral Lens Primer: Dr. Lynette Johns (February 2022)
Beyond the Basics: Advanced Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (November 2021)
Software Applications for Specialty Lens Designs: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (October 2021)
Webinar: Management of the Scleral Lens Ocular Surface Disease Patient Beyond the Fit: Dr. Karen Carrasquillo (May 2021)
Scleral Lens Practice Management: Dr. Edward Boshnick (April 2021)
GP Corneal and Scleral Multifocal Fitting: Dr. Susan Gromacki (January 2021)
Optimizing Success with Custom Scleral Lenses: Dr. Tom Arnold (November 2020)
A Primer on Scleral Lens Applications and Fitting: Dr. Lynette Johns (June 2020)
Scleral Lens-Induced Complications and Their Management: Dr. Dan Fuller (March 2020)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2020)
Scleral Lenses and Technology Advancements: Drs. Maria Walker and Karen Lee (April 2019)
Scleral Lens Grand Rounds: Dr. Robert Ensley (December 2018)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Mr. Michael Ward (February 2018)
Scleral Lens Update: Dr. Muriel Schornack (November 2017)
Clinical Controversies with Scleral Lenses and Their Management: Mr. Pat Caroline (September 2017)
Corneal and Scleral Contact Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (June 2017)
Scleral Lens Fitting to Optimize Corneal Physiology: Drs. Langis Michaud and John Gelles (January 2017)
Scleral Lenses: Update on Research, Fitting and Design: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (December 2016)
Corneal and Scleral GP Care Update: Mr. Michael Ward (April 2016)
Scleral Lenses: The Oasis for Dry Eye: Dr. Melissa Barnett (February 2016)
Emerging Technologies to Improve Your Success with Hybrids and Sclerals: Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino (January 2016)
Contemporary Scleral Lens Applications in: 1) Ocular Surface Disease and 2) Lens Care: Mr. Michael Ward (December 2015)
Specialty GP Applications: 1) Fine-Tuning Scleral Lens Fits and 2) Building Your Cornea-Reshaping Lens Practice: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (November 2015)
1-2-3 GP: GP Lenses for Corneal Reshaping, Scleral Lenses and Multifocals: How to Incorporate GPs to Build Your Practice: Dr. Michael Lipson (May 2015)
Scleral Lens Fitting for Healthy Eyes: Astigmatic and Presbyopic Applications: Drs. Melissa Barnett and Stephanie Woo (March 2015)
Specialty Contact Lens Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2015)
Management of Common Scleral Lens Problems: Dr. Stephen Byrnes (August 2014)
Basic Clinical Considerations for Scleral Lens Fitting: Drs. Mile Brujic and Dave Kading (July 2014)
Scleral GP Contact Lens Insertion, Removal and Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (March 2014)
Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting for Ocular Surface Disease: Dr. Melissa Barnett (January 2014)
Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (August 2013)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care: Mr. Michael Ward (May 2013)
Incorporating Scleral Lenses into Your Practice: Dr. Derek Louie (February 2013)
Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Christine Sindt (February 2012)

Scleral Lens Troubleshooting FAQ

This PDF provides valuable, practical information on scleral lens fitting and problem-solving.

Scleral Lens Fit Scales

Provided by Michigan College of Optometry.

Sample Brochure

For medically necessary lenses.

Sample Insurance Letter

For medically necessary lenses.

Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide

Helpful for fitting or evaluating patients; view as a smart phone-ready PDF or order a printed copy.

GP Video Lecture Series

A six-part video lecture series about keratoconus, GP initial comfort, and pediatric fitting techniques.

Vertex and Diopters-to-Base-Curve Conversion Charts

A digital version of the useful charts that appear in the Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide.

Scleral Lens Education Society

This website also offers patient education, including an excellent scleral insertion and removal video.