Presenting GP Presbyopic Contact Lens Options

The CLMA and GPLI are pleased to provide you with two pocket-size laminated cards to assist you and your staff members when presenting presbyopic GP lens options to your patients. Click here to order the cards.

Side 1 of the Practitioner Presentation Card provides:

Side 1Side 2
  • Tips for presenting presbyopic GP lens options
  • Tips for setting proper expectations
  • Suggestions for positive terminology

You may want to consider reviewing this material before presenting contact lens options to your presbyopic patients.

Side 2 provides graphics that can be used to “show and tell” the patient about GP presbyopic lens options.

  • The graphics titled “Why do I need help with reading?” provide an opportunity to review presbyopia and show how lid position and pupil size can influence contact lens wear
  • The middle set of graphics titled “What are my lens options?” show various lens options
    • Aspheric multifocal (top row left)
    • Concentric bifocal (top row right)
    • Straight top bifocal (bottom row left)
    • Crescent bifocal (bottom row middle)
    • Trifocal (bottom row right)
  • The graphics found in the lower section “How do the contact lenses work?” demonstrate how the lens positions in straight-ahead gaze and how the lens shifts up when the patient looks down to read
  • We have purposely not included any text or labels, so that you can customize your own “show and tell” presentation
  • For a complete listing of presbyopic GP contact lens options, please browse this website

Side 1 of the Staff Presentation Card provides:

Side 1Side 2
  • An explanation of “What is Presbyopia?”
  • A simple generic explanation of “What are the available contact lens options?”
  • A point form explanation of GP bifocal and multifocal advantages

Your front desk and technical staff may be interested in expanding their knowledge with a review of this material.

Side 2 of the Staff Presentation Card provides:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • The suggested answers provide a positive general view of presbyopic contact lens options and recommend the eye care practitioner will need to evaluate every candidate for specific answers

These fitting aids are one of many resources available through the CLMA and GPLI to assist you with presenting and fitting GP contact lenses.

Browse this website for more information on fitting presbyopic GP contact lenses. For general presbyopic GP contact lens information visit our patient website at

Please call 1-800-344-9060 for additional information. Click here to order the cards.