2024 Thomas E. Anastor GPLI Distinguished Service Award

Presented to Carl Moore

“For outstanding service toward the goals, mission, and programs of the GP Lens Institute.”

About the Recipient


Contact lens icon Carl Moore began his career with Concise Contact Lens Co in 1959, basically right out of high school, where he cut lens buttons. By age 22 he was Vice President of the company and ultimately became President for many years. Carl’s close friendship and many collaborations with Dr. Robert Mandell – as it pertained to clinical research, lens design, and the Mandell-Moore Guide – have been significant. He is a past board member of CLSA and has received numerous honors including the CLMA’S highest honor, the Dr. Josef Dallos Award. What is most notable, however, has been his exceptional leadership in the CLMA where he served as President, followed by an unprecedented 20 consecutive years as a CLMA board member. His exceptional interpersonal skills, complimented by the enormous respect he had from his colleagues, helped guide the CLMA through many extremely important issues. He was (and still is) an enormous supporter of the GPLI, and he is ultimately responsible for Dr. Ed Bennett’s initiation as the long-standing Executive Director of the GPLI.


Carl Moore
Alamo, CA

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