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April 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON EDUCATION Part 1: Scleral Lens Applications, Design, Fitting, and Care

Dr. Kramer’s presentation is a “must see” for anyone desiring to either implement scleral lenses into their practice or fit a larger number of patients into this modality. The information, graphics – including photos and video – and clinical “how to” pearls are exceptional. His four stated objectives – which were met and exceeded were:

One: Discuss the diseases and conditions that scleral lenses are used to manage.

Two: Discuss basic scleral lens terminology and the basics of scleral lens design.

Three: Discuss the basics of scleral lens fitting and the fitting process as a whole.

Four: Discuss the different lens care options available for scleral lens patients.

Scleral Lens Applications

Irregular Cornea

  • Primary Corneal Ectasia
  • Secondary Cornea Ectasia
  • Other Corneal Irregularities

Normal Cornea

  • Refractive Error Correction
  • Ocular Surface Disease
  • Others

Scleral Lens Design

  • Basic Terminology
  • Scleral Lens Basic Anatomy
  • Different Types of Lens Designs and Landing Zones

Scleral Lens Fitting

Fitting Steps

  • Choose your overall diameter
  • Choose your initial lens sagittal depth (use your fitting guide!)
  • Apply the lens and perform a preliminary evaluation
  • Over-refract to determine the final lens power
  • Perform a final fit assessment of the lens (central clearance, limbal clearance, edge alignment)
  • Remove the diagnostic lens
  • Order the lens
  • Other considerations: Hyper Dk material, surface coating

Scleral Lens Care

  • Available/Recommended Care Systems
  • Filling Solutions in Use Today
  • Scleral Lens Care Pearls
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