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February 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON GPLI RESOURCES: Contact Lens Practice Management

The GPLI has a number of contact lens practice management resources including the following:

*Coding and Billing Module. Developed by a foremost leader in this area, Dr. Clarke Newman, this includes recent webinars on specialty lens billing and coding, myopic management reimbursement, medically necessity sample reimbursement letters as well as a brochure, FAQs, and a list of the codes.

*Staff Module. This includes a number of staff training videos – including a series from GPLI Advisory Board member Dr. Roxanna Potter – as well as links to staff-friendly webinars and a comprehensive staff educational white paper pertaining to corneal GPs, sclerals, hybrid lenses, and custom soft.

Laboratory Consultant FAQs Module. All of the most common questions to laboratory consultants as answered by the top consultants in the profession.

*Webinars. There are several practice-building webinars – in addition to Dr. Kuzniar’s – including the following:

    • How to build a specialty lens practice: Drs. Stephanie Woo and Elise Kramer: April, 2020
    • Scleral Lens Practice Management: Dr. Ed Boshnick: April, 2021
    • Becoming a contact lens externship site: August, 2022
    • Finding the practice of your dreams: Dr. David Seibel: April, 2020 (under “Students” tab)

*The Advisor (December, 2023): “Maximizing Success with Specialty Lenses” – Dr. Jamie Kuzniar

*GPLI Radio:

    • “Building a specialty contact lens practice with staff training at the core” – Dr. Katie Greiner (August, 2023)
    • “Serving as a Specialty Contact Lens Externship Site” – Dr. Chris Smiley (October, 2023)

All resources provided under the “For Your Practice” tab under “Resources”

*GPLI Member Benefit

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