Laboratory Consultant FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With a Contact Lens Laboratory Consultant

Working with a Laboratory Consultant



Benefits of Your Laboratory Consultant

  • How can a laboratory consultant help my contact lens practice?
  • Do you offer online consultation? If not, when is the best time for me to call and receive prompt assistance with a patient?

Information You Can Provide to the Laboratory Consultant

  • What information should I provide?
  • How valuable are corneal topography images?

Resources Your Laboratory Consultant Can Provide

  • What resources are provided by a CLMA member laboratory?

Laboratory Consultants’ Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Lens Materials and Treatments

  • What GP lens material do you recommend?
  • Plasma treatment of GP lenses: What is it, and what are the benefits?
  • What is Tangible Hydra-PEG, and how is it beneficial?
  • What causes plasma treatment/lens coatings to become ineffective?

Surface Wettability Problems

  • How should I handle poor initial wettability?
  • If poor wettability occurs over time, what should I do?

Lens Design Selection for High Astigmatism

  • When should I use a bitoric lens design?

GP Multifocal Applications and Troubleshooting

  • What should I consider when choosing the lens design?
  • What information should I provide the laboratory consultant?

Keratoconus and Irregular Cornea Management

  • How do I choose lenses for a keratoconic patient?
  • When should I use a quadrant-specific lens design?
  • When should I use a piggyback design, and which lens materials should I use?

Scleral Lens Applications and Resources

  • When should I consider a scleral lens, and how can my consultant help me with these cases?
  • What resources can help increase my knowledge about scleral lens designs?

Corneal Reshaping Applications and Resources

  • I have a young progressive myopic patient. Do you recommend corneal reshaping? If so, how can you help me, and what do I need to provide you?
  • What resources can help increase my knowledge about corneal reshaping lens designs?