Dr. Edward S. Bennett

Gas permeable (GP) lenses have the benefits of good vision, eye health, durability, wettability, and patient retention. Nevertheless, they represent a much underutilized eye care correction option. As expertise is gained in the fitting and problem-solving of GP lenses, however, many patients benefit from the advantages derived from this option.

The purpose of this guide is to provide management options to common GP-related problems or conditions for spherical, highly astigmatic, presbyopic and keratoconic patients. GP fitting and problem-solving are not difficult and fortunately, these lenses very rarely cause significant compromise to eye health.

Also remember if you need assistance, contact your Contact Lens Manufacturer’s Association (CLMA) member laboratory or contact the CLMA office at 800-556-CLMA.

The GPLI would like to acknowledge the efforts of Agnes Tran and the members of the GPLI Advisory Panel and GPLI Advisory Committee for their input into this guide. We hope you enjoy it.


Edward S. Bennett, OD, MSEd
Executive Director, GP Lens Institute

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