GP Lens Management Guide – 4

Aspheric Multifocals


  • Follow recommended fitting guidelines; high eccentricity designs are often fit a minimum of 2.5D steeper than “K”; lower eccentricity designs are fit 1 – 2D steeper than “K”
  • Have, at minimum, one diagnostic fitting set of these lenses; for recommendations, call your CLMA member laboratory
  • Good candidates:
    • Low-medium add requirements
    • Computer users
    • Small-medium size pupil diameter
  • Good centration is critical
  • No greater than 1mm of movement with the blink is desirable


  • Excessive movement: Change to a steeper base curve radius
  • Peripheral sealoff; adherence: Change to a flatter base curve radius
  • Lateral decentration may need to change to another type of lens design
Good Fit High Eccentricity Aspheric
Good Fit Low Eccentricity Aspheric

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